Remembering Mrs Collenette

Today is a year since we lost the wonderful Mrs Collenette; to remember her, each class has received a new book – reading was something very close to Mrs Collenette’s heart and we know that she would love this. Each book has an insert in the front page with a photo and one of her favourite quotes. In year six, we have received ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’.

Leavers’ book

Below are some examples of the sorts of things you could write in your leavers’ paragraphs – make sure you don’t copy though,; make them you’re own! Remember, your paragraph must include the following points:

  • Your name and age
  • Your favourite subject/subjects and why
  • Your favourite teacher/teachers and why
  • Your favourite trip and why
  • Your favourite memory of Robin Hood Academy and why
  • What you want to do when you are older.
  • What school you are going to in September

“Hi my name is Adam and I am 10 years old. My favourite teachers are Miss Bridge and Miss Hunter because they are funny and kind. My favourite subject is maths because it’s really fun. My favourite trip was the World War II experience because we put on lots of old-fashioned clothes. My favourite memory is when I scored a long shot in the MUGA. I want to be a cricketer when I’m older because I love to play cricket. In September, I am going to Hall Green School. I am going to miss my friends – Abdullah, Aayush, Ikhlas, Mikail, Adib, Mustafa and Surjeevan.”

“Hi my name is Jasleen and I am 11 years old. I am in 6LH. My favourite subject is music because I love singing and listening to songs, I also find it very relaxing as it puts me in a good mood at all times. My favourite teachers are all of them as they were all amazing and I will always remember them. My favourite trip was the Hetty Feather theatre trip which I attended with Ellie and Samra as it was very memorable and my favourite part was when they started singing – it made me very emotional .My favourite memory was when Zaria choked on a piece of chicken and everyone ended up laughing so hard. Another hilarious memory was when Ellie fell of her chair in year 5. I also love to smile because it makes me feel really happy! I love to listen to music my favourite genres of music are R&B, grime and dubstep. My new school is Alderbrook. I’m going to be very sad to leave Robin Hood and all my friends.”


“Hi, my name is Mikail and I am 11 years old. My favourite subject is ICT because I enjoy computing and being creative using technology. My favourite teachers in Robin Hood Academy are Miss Hunter and Miss Bridge because they always organise fun things for the class. My favourite trip in school was the Black Country Museum because I loved the mining and learning about who worked in those times. When I was at this primary school, my favourite memory was when I scored a hat trick in the MUGA. When I am older, I really want to be a pilot and fly for a passenger airline because I love planes and it would be a fun challenge to do. In September, I am going Ninestiles Academy. I am going to miss my friends: Adam, Aayush, Ikhlas, Adib, Surjeevan, Nashil and Nabhan.”



Welcome back and revision!

Hello 6LH, welcome back! I hope you are refreshed and ready to work hard for the next three important weeks. I know some of you may feel a little nervous about SATS, however just remember that you only have three more weeks of hard work and preparation to go, then we have a summer of fun planned for you!

Here is a link with some useful power points for grammar, reading and maths – you can choose the topic you want to revise.

Here is a second link.

Use your own time wisely – at home and at school. Think about what you need more work on and remember to ask for help on anything at all you are not sure of!

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