No Pen Day fun!

We’re having lots of fun carrying out or No Pen Day investigation!
They have been given a clock where the numbers have all been mixed up and in their pairs they must work through a set of clues to find out where each number goes!

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Online maths SATs practice website

For all those in my maths class!

I have registered us on to a website where you can practice and revisit all of the maths topics we are learning this year. You just need to visit and log in using our class access code. Come and see me if you’d like the code!

Miss Hunter.

Links for heart transplant information

Here are some links that will help you with your research for your newspaper report!

Read carefully about the process – what happens before, during and after a transplant?

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4 – Cora’s story

Here is a link to the Wikipedia description of ‘Pig Heart Boy’. It will give you some information about Cameron’s full name and age, which will be useful for your opening paragraph on the 5ws.

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Shackleton’s Journey artwork

Lots of people have been asking to see our finished artwork from the mixed-media project inspired by ‘Shackleton’s Journey’. We thought they were so good that we made them in to calendars for parents as well as putting them on display in our classroom! What do you think?

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